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Why this newsletter? Because it serves to remind us that the Earth and its sky belong to all of us. And that we must be grateful to have a place in it, if only for a short while. And maybe precisely because it is such a short while, we should be extra grateful.

Here your will find short, informative essays on the current state of affairs with the covid vax and the impact it has on the Earth and that which belongs to all of us.

A site with very good information about weathermodification techniques is here:



Everything that is being discussed on this Substack, is verifiable by you. The information provided is meant to stimulate you to delve a little deeper and connect the dots. It is never the intent to induce you to do something, or to fail to do something. What is the hope that you will find the courage to admit that something is wrong and that something is detrimental to human existence, the earth and our future.  

There is nothing in this world that stands by itself, or on its own as a truth. So is 'global warming' a pretext for something else. So is the 'vaccine' a pretext for something else. So was 'corona' a pretext for something else. So was the 'moonlanding' a pretext for something else. And many more events are called into life as pretexts for something else. As you should know, pretexts have been used since ancient history by your fellow humans who yearn for power and control. There is nothing new about it. But if you want to stay out of the crossfire, you need to always ask yourself why a certain event is pushed - because it is most likely a pretext for something else.

In the end, everybody is dependent on others. And nobody in particular has the right to appropriate the common good that belongs to the Earth and humanity as a whole. Regardless of how much you despise your fellow human beings, nobody has the right to kill or maim.

To you

The sin of omission is worse than the sin of commission.

If it is your belief that you, or anyone else, are entitled to the personal right to experiment with humanity, the Earth and Sky, to the point of total destruction and solely for your own gain, you must not forget that in the end you will have nothing, and you won't be happy either.

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